The Rubik’s Cube included in the Economist campaign

The Rubik’s Cube included in the Economist campaign

Rubik's Cube featured in the Economist campaign

The Economist Ad campaign featuring the Rubik’s Cube – via AdAge


The Rubik’s Cube in The Economist print campaign in the US

As part of its new campaign to gain subscribers in the US, The Economist’s agency  DDBO New York is using the Rubik’s Cube to convey their campaign message “Get a world view”.

This use is especially clever as it drives the campaign’s message very strongly as the Rubik’s Cube is a great medium for conveying ideas of making something complex appear simple, and as it is universally-understood/captivating since everyone knows it and associates positive memories with it…

More below via Adage:

“We wanted to communicate the notion that reading The Economist can provide you with a world view,” said BBDO Senior Creative Director Jean Robaire. “Using visual concepts allowed us to do that quickly and with great impact.”

“Our challenge was to raise awareness by focusing on what sets The Economist apart from other publications — its unique global insight and opinion,” said Kara Goodrich, senior VP-senior creative director at BBDO. “With revenue from print advertising on the decline, we wanted to ramp up our subscriptions. We’ve had success in the past with highly targeted efforts that combine the medium and the message viagra kaufen ohne kreditkarte. The new advertising does just that.”