Rubik's Cube Heads to McDonald's

Rubik’s Cube Heads to McDonald’s

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McDonald’s  has launched the Rubik’s Happy Meal to encourage young children to “Play Smart.”

The ever-popular Happy Meal Box has been transformed from its traditional tented house design into a Cube shape to mirror the design of the playful iconic Rubik’s Cube. Children will be able to choose from four Rubik’s Cubes from a collection of 12 different bespoke toys. Working collaboratively with Smiley, the McDonald’s strategy was to grow the Happy Meal’s children’s audience from 3 to 8 years old using the Rubik brand extension with specific Play Smart intelligence branding.

The campaign launched in France in July 2018 and rolls out across other territories from August through November 2018 including Italy, Spain, Austria, UAE and Canada.

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