What is AR?

AR is an option available with most of our 3D Media where an engaging branded experience is triggered using your mobile phone and our free-of-use AR app.

Why you should use AR?

Adding AR to your campaign increases user engagement and recall, especially with Millennials who are able to share their experience and thus your brand through social media channels.

3D Logo

Your logo or photo hovers three-dimensionally above the Cube. The user can rotate, zoom in, zoom out, or even take it in his hand.


Take a selfie and the user’s selfie to appear on the Cube! Users can snap and share photos/ videos on social media (Your logo will show on the bottom right hand of the selfie).


Your video presentation, motivational speech or advertisement appears above your Rubik’s Cube. The user can in zoom in on the video or watch it in full-screen mode.

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