News: Counterfeit Spotlight

News: Counterfeit Spotlight


A short legal update on recent legal actions in Italy and India:

Italy: During 2010, in cooperation with the Rome ‘Tax Police’, OVER A MILLION FAKE CUBES (destined for many countries throughout Europe) were seized at a number of different entry points, an all-time record. To put this into perspective, only half-a-million cube were seized worldwide in 2009!

India: More recently in Delhi, an action over counterfeit Rubik’s Cube resulted in the arrest of 4 alleged counterfeit-cube shop owners.

The legal firm IP Gurus, representing toy maker Seven Towns, explains that this was a criminal action against the distributors, who sourced counterfeit cubes from China.

Late last year, a representative says, the firm had also filed a civil action in Mumbai against another company. “Somebody was manufacturing cubes in Bombay and we got an injunction from the court that asked them not to sell any cubes in the same packaging,” he added. “They don’t use the word ‘Rubik’ but they are using similar colors and the size of the cube is the same.”

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We will continue to update you on coming news and legal actions.

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