Inspiring video by Google- A question waiting to be answered

They used Rubik’s

As part of a branding campaign, Google leveraged on the Rubik’s Cube with an inspiring video feature.

Why did Google choose the Rubik’s Cube in its communication?

Communicative power
The Rubik’s Cube is a powerful way for the brand to communicate its values about smarts, thinking creatively, and tackling challenges we thought were impossible.

Universal/global symbol
The Rubik’s Cube can be understood by all nationalities, and almost any age. An important benefit for a global brand like Google.

Appeal to young audiences
it is a powerful way for the brand to keep itself relevant to the youngest audiences, who is very aware of speed-cubing.



Ernö Rubik: “I believe that questions are probably more important today than the answers”



To find out more

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