News: Counterfeit Spotlight


A short legal update on recent legal actions in Italy and India: Italy: During 2010, in cooperation with the Rome ‘Tax Police’, OVER A MILLION FAKE CUBES (destined for many countries throughout Europe) were seized at a number of different entry points, an all-time record. To put this into perspective, only half-a-million cube were seized worldwide in 2009! India: More …

Rubik’s Cube makes Time Magazine cover


  <a rel="prettyPhoto[fancy_img_group_368]" href="http://rubiksgift viagra” title=”Rubik's Cube makes Time Magazine cover” class=”fancy_image_load” style=”background:no-repeat center center;display:block;position:relative;height:256px;width:457px;overflow:hidden;”>VIEW ITEM For your reference, please find the Cover of the May 2011 Time Magazine, featuring a Rubik’s Cube! The international magazine has an audience of about 23 million people around the world..! And it is no accident that they used the Cube to communicate: …

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