Inspiring video by Google- A question waiting to be answered


Google has released a new inspiring video about the Rubik’s Cube invention, aimed towards young generations

How HSBC chose the Rubik’s Twist


This year, HSBC has selected our Rubik’s Twist to be given during seminars, in order to communicate their global/international bank positioning.

Getty Images Reaches creative professionals with a Rubik’s Cube 3×3


Late 2013, Getty Images sent 2500 Rubik’s Cube 3×3 to creative professionals, allowing them to stay top of mind when it comes to ordering Stock photos. The cube was beautifully designed with Getty images photos and delivered in a matching gift box.

NEW: Rubik’s Samples Kit


Specially created for distributors and creative agencies, this samples kit will allow you to showcase firsthand the core range of custom Rubik’s Cube and accessories. Featuring a 2-panel opening with the story and values that fuel the Rubik’s brand, and a beautiful black matt printing, the kit will immediately catch the attention of your showroom or office visitors. Features: Matt …

Rubik’s Cube: 3rd most likely to be passed-down


A quick update about the power of the Rubik’s Cube®: A survey commissioned by Disney UK to promote Toy Story 3 DVD recently revealed the parent’s top toys that are being passed on to the younger generations. Well, it turns out that the Rubik’s Cube® was identified as #3, standing the test of time, right after Lego and Teddy bears… …

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