Rubik’s Cube: 3rd most likely to be passed-down


A quick update about the power of the Rubik’s Cube®:

A survey commissioned by Disney UK to promote Toy Story 3 DVD recently revealed the parent’s top toys that are being passed on to the younger generations.

Well, it turns out that the Rubik’s Cube® was identified as #3, standing the test of time, right after Lego and Teddy bears…

With little surprised the survey went on to highlight ‘sentimental attachment’ as the 1st reason of purchase.

This piece of news shows the power of the Rubik’s Cube® as an ‘Icon’: in other words it stands the test of time, is charged with strong positive emotion, and it accepted by different generations.

What better medium for your brand communication than one with such strengths!

If you would like to find out more about the survey, please click this link.

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