Rubik's Cube makes Time Magazine cover

Rubik’s Cube makes Time Magazine cover


For your reference, please find the Cover of the May 2011 Time Magazine, featuring a Rubik’s Cube!

The international magazine has an audience of about 2.3 million people around the world..! And it is no accident that they used the Cube to communicate:

– Rubik’s® appeal to a wide range of audience, regardless of age/sex, made it the ideal candidate to draw in more people to the magazine, and make a complicated subject like Pakistan look more graspable/appealing to readers.

– Secondly, Like the president of the European Commission, Time Magazine used the Rubik’s Cube® to communicate to a very international audience.

Indeed, one of the quality of the Cube for Promotion/ Communication is that it is able to get a message across whatever the language, and without words: in this case Times Magazine showcased a Cube with US and Pakistan flags symbolizing the Problem-to-solve/Challenge ahead.

Time Magazine provides a great illustration of the Rubik’s® communicative power, and the appeal of the Cube.

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The Rubik’s® Promotion Team

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