How HSBC chose the Rubik’s Twist

How HSBC chose the Rubik’s Twist

Application – Desk Puzzle

Client: HSBC
Territory: UK
Qty: 3000pcs
Date: Q2 2013

This year, HSBC has selected our Rubik’s Twist to be given during seminars, in order to communicate their global/international bank positioning viagra im internet.

Why choose the Rubik’s Twist ?
1- It provides a very playful yet easy-to-solve puzzle.

2- It gives them the possibility to have 2 large imprint areas for their corporate images, as well as 24 small areas for their currency and logos! A space you seldom find on other puzzles.

For reference, the Rubik’s Twist (a.k.a. Rubik’s Snake) was invented by Ernö Rubik himself, the inventor of the Rubik’s cube. It is available in the original 24 prisms format, or in half-size 12 prisms format.