AR Selfie Option

Personalize your Rubik's and share it on social Media

You can snap selfies and add it on your branded Rubik’s Cube! Share screenshots or videos of your experience on social media ( Your brand logo will show on the selfies). Track campaign results and obtain attractive pricing.

Fully Customizable

AR Selfie

Allows users to Digitally personalize your branded Cube with their pictures or selfie and share it on social media
Interface iOS and Android
Supported Items Rubik's 3x3 57mm, 2x2 57mm, 4x4 64mm, Edge, Speaker, Wireless charger, Pen Pot, Highlighter Set, Power Bank 4000mAh

Application Ideas

Get Your Message Across!

Internal Communication

Core Values



Product Launch


Event Giveaway


Product Video

Why Rubik’s ?

The world’s most famous puzzle toy is both fun and mind-stretching, with its enduring challenge and compulsive twist and turn action. Try to incorporate a playful aspect that makes your product tactile and irresistible.


The desire to play and focus attention generates positive emotions, openness and the willingness to get involved.

Used by top brands

Most of Fortune 500 use Rubik’s as a communication tool. Amazon, Google, Volkswagen and more.


Touch, Hear, See. These mutually reinforcing perception channels increase the neural activity of the user’s brain by up to 1000%.


For more than 20 years, we have been committed to producing responsibly and respectfully, following international social and environmental standards.


Use the Original Rubik’s Cube. Rubik’s makes a strong statement, universally understood the world over, about smarts, creativity and perfect design

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